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Lagos Painting is a local Dallas County business. In our company, we take pride in our quality and have many satisfied guests. We are looking to expand our company and further our business across the nation. Lagos painting works with all types of interior and exterior surfaces. We can help you look and feel what you are aiming for. Please, visit our Project page to see a sample of what we can accomplish. Satisfaction is guaranteed! Call or email us today to discuss your project. Here at Lagos Painting, we appreciate the chance to earn your business and look forward to talking with you in detail regarding your project needs.


Exterior                                                                   Interior

Exterior Painting                                                                                                Interior Painting 

Water-Blasting                                                                                                  Tape and Bedding

Exterior Texture Blasting                                                                                  Wall Textures

Elastomeric/Waterproofing                                                                              Refinish and Painting Cabinet